David Antic

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David Antic
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

David is Chief Risk and Compliance Officer. He is responsible for the autonomous assessment of risk of all new and existing investments. In this role, he must ensure that all of AGC’s processes consider the full spectrum of potential risks to the company and the investment portfolio, and that they are clearly identified and mitigated against. In his compliance role, he is responsible for overseeing the compliance function within the firm, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

David joined the firm at its inception and has always worked within the Risk function, immersing himself in the idiosyncratic risks of providing debt funding across 66 countries. His knowledge of the legal systems, credit markets and macroeconomic outlook of the jurisdictions AGC is active in, both developed and emerging, gives him a unique position in being able to provide support and to challenge the investment team.

During his time at AGC, he has been instrumental in developing core credit underwriting and monitoring processes for its investments, as well as leading the development of a custom collateral management software.

Prior to AGC he was employed at a leading factoring-focused non-bank financial institution in Macedonia where he was responsible for credit rating models, procedures, and policies for monitoring and managing credit risk at the institutional level. Previously, David worked for KPMG Macedonia as part of the audit team working across a number of their largest financial institution clients. He holds a master’s degree in finance from the IE Business School in Madrid, a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Sheffield University and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.