About Us

Putting Capital to Work

Advance Global Capital, a global impact investment management company, believes that private capital, when invested well, can be a force for good. Working with local financing partners, we provide fair access to capital for small businesses in underserved communities worldwide so they have the credit they need to build their business.

A Thoughtful Approach to Financial Inclusion

A dessert maker needs to expand her kitchen, but she’s waiting for payment on her last shipment of cakes. A lavender business needs to hire employees for the Christmas rush, but doesn’t have a line of credit to pay them. Receivables financing could turn their receivables to credit-worthy buyers into assets for immediate access to capital.

Our flagship fund puts capital to work in underserved communities worldwide by financing small and medium businesses (SMEs) that lack sufficient access to credit and need it to thrive. Our investments deliver tailored financing to partners, and flexible working capital to SMEs so they can grow and continue positively impacting their local economies.

The emergence of financial technology (“fin tech”) to accelerate lending holds promise, but in emerging markets, big data is not widely available to support credit scoring. More importantly, levels of transparency and trust are low. There is no substitute for know-your-customer and risk management best practices of traditional financing.

An Alternative Asset Class – With Impact

AGC works with forward-thinking investors to put their capital to work with their values. We provide advice and support that integrates financial and relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) support to investment funds with a focus on receivables financing for SMEs. As an alternative in the specialty finance space, receivables financing offers attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to equity and bond markets and positive impact. Targeting SMEs in underserved markets also offers diversification, liquidity, and scale compared to other social impact funds.

Experienced & Diverse Leadership

AGC’s leadership and management team are passionate about putting money to work in support of real business transactions in places where it can make a big difference. We have deep experience in investment management, trade finance, foreign exchange management, impact investing and small business development. We believe in the power of markets to created shared prosperity and social stability when every qualified business owner can say yes to opportunity. By offering a commercial financial service that more businesses can access in more communities, we support the development of healthy, inclusive financial ecosystems for the long run.